Ecologically Sustainable Opportunities With Solar

There are ways people can live that is good for the environment. One is owning solar panels. Another is solar flashlights. Solar panel prices are dropping exponentially. Many yards have tiny solar panels that make lights turn on at night. Cheap solar panels also power many flash lights.
Coal on the other hand has very high environmental impacts. It is mined by removing mountain tops and dumping the dirt into streams. Coal is then burned which causes massive numbers of people who live nearby to suffer from asthma, and other health conditions. Oil burns cleaner than coal but still harms human health and the earth.

Geothermal, Wind, Solar, and Hydro are ways of generating energy without warming the planet or human health to the extent of fossil fuels. Hydroelectric dams kill salmon. Wind turbines kill birds, however most wind farms are away from major bird migratory routes. Geothermal and Solar energies do not kill fish or birds. Geothermal is expensive, although its cost is lowering, but not as much as solar.

Solar energy has been utilized more than geothermal. It has also gone down in price enough to become the cheapest energy source on the planet in the future. In the year 2016 solar has been generated for three cents per kilowatt hour in both the United Arab Emirates and Chile. More jobs in the solar are on their way.

This is excellent news for the environment and human health. It will mean massive numbers of people who don’t care about the environment will also be switching their energy to solar to save money. This is a huge win for both the planet and frugality. Within the United States of America there are lots of solar panels in the sunniest states. California has many solar panels on people’s houses, as well as Arizona.

People save on their energy bills for home solar installation with faster turnaround in warmer climates. For instance, home solar electricity florida is growing substantially. This is good news for Floridians who want to work in the solar industry. Many environmentalists are enthusiastic about going solar. People have tried to get clean cheap energy for a long time. Having solar panels in space, and sending that energy to earth, was something people wanted to do in the 1990’s; but fossil fuel companies prevented that. Some people thought that solar panels in space could send the energy down for cheaper than the cost of fossil fuels.

That was in the 1990’s. Today in 2018 the solar industry has grown substantially. Not just in the west. In China, and India its making leaps and bounds. Solar will likely be the most commonly used energy source in the future, because it is projected to become cheaper than fossil fuels. This will do so much for the planet and improve human respiratory health.